My Dog Jacob Christopher Is Now in Doggy Heaven


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Today, I lost another dog. His name is Jacob Christopher. He’s a purebred mahogany shih tzu.

True to his breed, Jacob’s super affectionate, trusting, and outgoing. He’ll give you tons of kisses, making sure you end your day with lots of (puppy) love.

Unfortunately, he got sick. He had colds. He started losing appetite. He had high fever. We thought it was just a phase. We changed his dog food.
; We fed him by hand; Took him to the vet.

The vet gave him antibiotics and told us to make sure he ate and drank water. A few days after, we brought him to the vet again for another checkup. We wanted to have him confined just to make sure. However, the vet just gave him another set of antibiotics and told us that we’ll have Jacob confined if he gets high fever again. He also said we’ll have the blood test after 3-4 days.

Today was the 3rd day after his previous checkup; a week after his first visit to the vet this month. He was brought to the clinic in the morning. At that time, everything went downhill. :(

My poor Jacob’s eyes, ears, skin, and gums suddenly turned yellow. Definitely not a good sign. My pretty husky, Knuckles, had to be euthanized last 25 July 2012 due to complications to her liver. It was a gradual deterioration for Nookie. It was so different with Jacob’s case.

In a matter of days, Jacob turned from a cheerful shih tzu to a dog who didn’t even have the energy to stand up. He still managed to kiss us, but you can see it was an effort to do so.

As we were in the clinic, Jacob had to have some dextrose and oxygen pumped into his body. I tried so hard to remain calm and strong. I didn’t want him to see me hurting.

I talked to him; urged him to feel better already; promised to take him to places as soon as he got stable. You could see he wanted to please us. He wagged his tail every time we told him he was a good strong boy.

Unfortunately, he sort of had a cardiac arrest. He also convulsed. The doctor and his helpers were able to revive him.
I, honestly, thought he was going to be ok. Thing is… vet said he still wasn’t stable. I think, at that point, I started convincing myself to let Jacob go. After all, I knew this scenario all too well. I knew, first-hand, that damaged livers were irreversible for dogs.

We called another clinic. These doctors were Knuckles’ vets. They confirmed what my brothers and I already knew. They even said we’d be lucky to have Jacob live through the night.

I knew Jacob’s case was serious, but hearing that said out loud was still like a blow. I started tearing up, but I always put on a brave face when talking to Jacob.

At some point, my brother pulled me into a corner. He asked me to decide if we were going to have Jacob euthanized. I lost my cool.

I cried. I didn’t want to lose another dog. I couldn’t believe we had to have another dog euthanized again. So I waited. I talked to Jacob.

I told him I loved him. I thanked him for being with us even for the short time of his life. I asked him if he could still hold on. As if to answer me, he tried to get up. I told him to be a good boy and to not move so that his oxygen and dextrose won’t get tangled. Being the great obedient baby he is, Jacob lay still and used my hand as his pillow.

I smiled at that, but I felt time was running out. I asked him again if he could still wait, but this time he just lay still breathing.

I prayed then. With tears streaming down my cheeks again, I thanked the Lord for giving us Jacob. I asked Him to please guide Knuckles and Jacob when our shih tzu has finally joined them.

After some time, the vet stood beside me. He felt Jacob’s pulse and quietly said, “Wala na po.” It was 3:30 PM.

Unfortunately, Jacob’s clinic didn’t have a memorial service. We still had to bring Jacob to Vets in Practice in Mandaluyong so that he can be properly laid to rest. We filled up forms; made the payment; learned that Jacob will have his resting place in Cavite. It’s very far from San Juan City, but we figured it was best to have a special place for Jacob. Being the crybaby that I am, I cried again while filling up the form and talking to the attendant. When everything was set, it was time to go the long way back home.

I took a bath when I got home. It was then I cried the hardest. I kept seeing Jacob’s smiling face every time I closed my eyes. I sobbed, I cried, I prayed. I tried to be quiet, but I, apparently, failed at that. My sister knocked on the bathroom door and asked if I was ok; if I needed water. I tried to make a joke, saying, “Maraming tubig sa gripo. (There’s a lot of water in the faucet.” Before she left the door, I told her I was going to be ok and thanked her for checking on me.

It’s now 11:06 PM as I’m writing this post. It has been hours since I heard those dreadful words. I still can’t stop the tears. My eyes are painfully swollen, but tears are still flowing.

I guess I have to try get some sleep. I’ll see about writing a post on signs your dog is poisoned, but for now I’ll end this with…


And this…


We’ll miss you, Jacob Christopher. ‘Til next time, sweetie. I love you <3<3<3

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