Our Hunt for the Perfect Church

Ian’s Pamamanhikan last 10 May 2015 went really well. I was, honestly, secretly scared that our families might not get along. I don’t know why, but that’s what I felt.

During the Pamamanhikan, we talked about the wedding date, theme, motif, and the entourage. Ian and I would like to have a summer wedding next year. However, the elders from Ian’s side of the family would like for us to move the wedding to December this year. As much as we would like to accommodate their request, sadly, I don’t think our current running costs will allow us to move the wedding to an earlier date. In addition, December weddings usually take 1 year to block off dates, especially if you want your wedding in a well-known Church and reception venue.

Speaking of Churches, we have shortlisted some in Manila that we’d like to have for the wedding.

Below are some of the shortlisted Churches with their rates, photos, and addresses. Hopefully, this small list can help you with your own wedding planning! Have fun!


Photo credit: Joeydvm of Wikimedia.org

1. San Agustin Church

Cost: PhP 33,500.00

Address: General Luna Street, Intramuros, Manila

Comments: I love the interior! My colleague from Australia says that it looks like a church made for fairytale weddings. I agree! I love the arches and  the details found in the ceiling. The chandeliers are gorgeous, too! Unfortunately, PhP 33,500 is a little too steep for 1-hour use of the Church. Hence, we are on the hunt for other Churches around Manila. We’ll probably have our ceremony here if we have extra cash from the wedding budget! 


Photo credit: Femalenetwork.com

2. National Shrine of St. Michael and the Archangels 

Cost: PhP 9,500.00

Address: 1000 Gen. Solano St, San Miguel, Manila, Metro Manila

Comments: The simplicity of the National Shrine of St. Michaele and the Archangels caught my attention. It does have a nice looking altar, which would look great in the wedding photos. I also love the fact that the reservation costs only PhP 9,500. That’s a huge help in our budget should we end up in this Church!

 3Basilica Minore de San Sebastian


Photo credit: Donschumann.blogspot.com

Cost: PhP 25,000.00

Address: Pasaje del Carmen St, Quiapo, Manila

Comments: San Sebastian Church originally topped our list because this is where Ian’s parents tied the knot. However, we considered San Agustin Church for the top option because it was just walking distance from Casa Manila, which is a possible reception venue for us. I like the rich history that both San Sebastian and San Agustin Church have, but unfortunately, my mind tells me to look for a more affordable option. Spending 25k-35k for an hour’s use of a church seems impractical.




4. Immaculate Conception Cathedral 


Photo credit: weddingmapper.com

Cost: to be updated

Address: 40 Lantana St., Cubao, Quezon City

Comments: I never knew about this Cathedral until just a few days ago. I was desperately looking for another church option when I accidentally found a photo of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral. I fell in love with this Church and excitedly asked Ian if we could consider it. Fortunately, he likes it, too. So we’ll drop by the Cathedral soon to ask for their rates (I called their office, but the person on the other line wanted me to get their brochures instead of telling me the rates over the phone.)

Hopefully, we get to book our wedding in one of these Churches soon. I really want to be able to book it within the month so that we can finally move on to other areas of the wedding. 








Thoughts on Being Engaged

Getting engaged brings about a variety of feelings. You’ll feel elated that you’re taking your relationship to yet another level of lifelong commitment. On another note, I guess it’s normal to feel a little apprehensive; to question yourself if you really are ready for marriage. No matter the case, a wedding engagement is definitely something both the man and woman look forward to when they realize they’ve met the person they want to spend their lives with.

However, some might wonder what it’s like to be engaged. Here’s my take on being engaged.

No engagement is alike

You and your bff may be with your respective partners for the same amount of years, but it doesn’t mean you’re both going through the exact same thing. Likewise, being engaged practically at the same time doesn’t mean that your wedding plans will both go smoothly.

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Wedding Venue: Light of Love Events Place

As mentioned in a previous post, there are several things to consider when looking for the perfect wedding venue.

Now, here comes the fun part! I’m including a list of wedding reception venues that I find interesting. For this post, let’s talk about Light of Love . Hopefully, the list below can help you on your own wedding preparations, too!

Light of Love
This events place tops my list. Why? Well, it has a selection of 6 venues to choose from! You can either have an indoor or outdoor wedding reception in one of Light of Love’s featured venues. Not only that, they are accredited with some of the best wedding caterers; plus, they offer free use of their venue for prenup shoots if you book their services for the big day!

See below for Light of Love’s featured event venues.







See! Light of Love features elegantly designed venues for your wedding day! For the next post, let’s talk about Manila Oasis, another wedding venue I’m interested in for my own wedding.

Photo credits: Light of Love

Tips on Looking for Wedding Reception Venues

Weddings are super exciting to plan, but definitely nerve-wracking. You have to plan the wedding date, reserve the Church, meet with caterers, and find the perfect reception venue! Unfortunately, it’s easier said than done.

What do we need to do in order to find best wedding venue? Here are a few things to consider when hunting for a venue where you can celebrate one of the most memorable moments of your life.

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Getting Married Bridal Fair: Joy San Gabriel Wedding Cakes

My best friend’s getting married this year! Whoohoo! Unfortunately, she’s based in Malaysia and she’s having some problems with K. By Cunanan. Apparently, my best friend and her fiance have already deposited a 10K downpayment on 11 Dec 2014 for their 7 Nov 2015 wedding. My friends have called and emailed said caterer for feedback, but I think all they get is an automatic response saying they’ll get back to my friends’ queries. My best friend has also tried calling Winona Torres, the accounts person she has been corresponding with, but she isn’t answering any of my friend’s calls. What a way to treat your clients, huh?

Due to this unfortunate incident, Ian and I decided to drop by the Getting Married Bridal Fair at the SMX last 17 Jan 2015. We talked to several suppliers, asked about certain concepts we wanted for our own wedding, and we also talked to K. by Cunanan staff. Unfortunately, we didn’t get much from them. They said they would reply to my friend’s email by the 19th or the 20th of Jan 2015. Hopefully, they follow through.

Going back to the bridal fair… I was a bit overwhelmed by all the suppliers who greeted and gave us copies of their catalogues. SMX is huge and that fair was packed! I may have been overwhelmed by all the things happening at the SMX, but the organizers seriously did a great job!

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Dreaming of the Perfect Wedding Shoes

I am a shoeaholic! Naturally, I’d love to have customized shoes for my own wedding if the budget permits. Ideally, I want to have lace shoes on the big day. I want a dainty-looking pair, but it has to be sturdy enough to last a lifetime. Well, maybe not exactly a lifetime, but it should last long enough.

For now, I’ll indulge myself by looking for my dream wedding shoes! I have teeny tiny feet and I’m hesitant to buy shoes online without trying them on first. Hopefully, there are shoes similar to the one’s I’m listing below. Otherwise, I need to find shoemakers in Manila who can create footwear inspired by the wedding shoes that have piqued my interest.

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12th Day of Christmas

We planned to go to the World Bazaar today. I was pretty happy to go straight to World Trade Center since I still had a bunch of last-minute Christmas shopping to do. However, Ian asked if we could meet and have breakfast at Coffee Bean in Greenhills first. Of course, I happily agreed!

So off I went to Greenhills and waited for him before I could munch on a cheese muffin, which happens to be one of my faves from Coffee Bean. Not long after, Ian arrived and we proceeded to have breakfast. I would have ordered my ultimate favorite from Coffee Bean, their yummy Eggs Ben, but I wasn’t in the mood for a heavy breakfast. I therefore, happily settled for a Cheese Muffin. Oh and a cup of hot choco in the morning is great, too!


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Rita’s Italian Ice

Do you visit Greenhills Shopping Center often? If you do, then you must have noticed a new addition to San Juan City’s shopping mecca.

I’m talking about Rita’s Italian Ice. Their shop is located behind V-Mall, where Milky Way used to be. It’s this super neat store with glass walls. You can easily take a peek to find out what frozen custard flavors are available.

Did I say frozen custard? That I did! I guess you can say it’s Rita’s take on ice cream. Same with other ice cream shops, you can order your ice custard either in a cup or a cone. Whatever your selection, you’d be sure to enjoy this really yummy sweet treat!


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